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Subsidiaries of International Groups

The accounting firm ROUGAGNOU-CGA is placing the handling of its services in its overseas group subsidiaries located in France

A Dedicated Support for the French Subsidiaries of International Groups

ROUGAGNOU-CGA utilises its experience and services which are made available to international groups that already have a subsidiary company in France or to those considering creating one. Are you already settled in the Hexagon or are you thinking of creating a subsidiary there?

We are here to offer you support and meet all of your needs.

A Service Delivery Meeting Your Needs

  • Choice of company status
  • Consultancy regarding the choice of your tax options as for the taxation of profits and VAT
  • Business address of the subsidiary firm
  • Assistance for administrative and legal procedures
  • Outsourcing of tax, accounting, and human resources services in order to guarantee their compliance with French law
  • Partnership work with the Executive Board of the Group and/or foreign boards
  • Creating an accounting plan bridge (to ensure compliance of your accounting department with the French regulations)
  • Advising on transfer pricing and management fees
  • Drafting our files in English or German
  • Adjusting our services to Group’s prerequisites (example: SAP data entry)
  • Meeting corporate groups’ requirements (example: specific date of closure of the accounts)

The accounting firm ROUGAGNOU-CGA can help you sleep soundly knowing we are handling your accounting business.

Client case

A French subsidiary of an international group of high-end cosmetics founded in 2013 required our following services:

  • Entirely outsourcing their tax, accounting, and social duties.
  • Assistance for the elaboration of an annual budget.
  • Support for their customs procedures (for the importation of their products).
  • Harmonizing and optimizing the exchange procedures between the business and accounting management systems, in line with the group’s specifications.
  • Establishing a monthly reporting in English.
  • Adjusting inter-company accounts by integrating the differences due to exchange rates.
  • Providing analysis involving P&L, balance sheet, cash-flows, separation by sales channel and by country, variance analysis between estimated and completed budget, etc.
  • Assistance for a due diligence acquisition by an external group listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Following the change of company ownership, we have also assisted them with the migration of the information systems towards the group’s ERP, adjusted their monthly reporting to stricter requirements, adapted the subsidiary’s financial information tools to new procedures, and established qualitative data analysis.